Thursday, October 22, 2009

to whom it may concern

everytime i close my eyes i think of you. and our last time. so much so that it makes heart sing your song...on and....on and....on. you are the melody i hum to and the bass line my hips sway to. sweet sounds of love i always had yet never held. every emotion i ever felt. my spirit dances to your tune as it plays endlessly hroughout my body...never tiring or breaking sweat...

the next chapter

so today i found myself in a real melancholy mood. cant really explain it but as i looked at my surrounds i had one of those "umh" moments. there are soo many things i want to change and do but this place is not "my" place. which then lead me to understand that my 2 year plan would be alot shorter then i thought. i said to myself why wait for 2 years when it could be done a lot sooner. so here you have it folks. all fears and bs aside im closing this chapter in my life and starting a new one. asap! so after my daughters birthday party this weekend ill be sitting down in my office to work on my "new business plan" and just speaking that has already lifted my spirits. wish me luck ready for the world.
there was something about him that i could not explain...something that called to me...spoke to a language i had never heard yet my spirit spoke fluently...called me in such a manner...that my thoughts danced and flashed...played out before my eyes like scenes in a movie...glimpses to what may what has become...lost in his dialogue

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"whatever you like"

i do not exist...i am a mere figment of your we do not fight, we do not curse, we do not stress...we just...are...i am a soul revolving around yours...hanging off your ever a place where there is nothing at all...the being with all the answers to all the questions your mind can conceive...fulfilling every and anything left longing for more...i am nothing yet i am everything...everything to you...every dream... i bring to reality...every fantasy...i manifest...transform...and become...yes i am that good...i am whatever, whenever,and however...not just what you like and want...but what your soul needs...the things you can not speak...i hear loud and clear because those things are exactly what i am...and when i come out to play you are rendered breathless and motionless...only to feel pleasure and power...power of life..i stay with you as long as needed...and turn every second of my presence into an enchanting climactic moment of pure endless ecstasy...and when you are satisfied beyond your wildest imaginative thought...back to the place where there is nothing at all i go and i wait...wait til you want me...wait til you need reclaim the seat on my throne...your courtesan i am...the concubine of your mind...