Monday, September 28, 2009

i drift into you (dreamland)

darkness and flames take me to a familiar place. the place ive longed for...seeming an eternity. i am here and i am soon as you join me. stillness of anticipation drives my body wild. but you bring me comfort. and you bring emotion. you become emotion and i am lost once again. only to be found in the wonderful amazement of the surprise that you are. i drift so deeply into you that i no longer think. every action, every word, every sense of everything is a thoughtless reaction to you. but still, i react to you and you to me. free in this dreamland and like the thoughts of a child, i run wild aimlessly. running in the fantastic enjoyment of pleasure, ecstasy, and truth. truth of self...truth of liberation. i drift into you and enter a dreamland of a slow emerging reality and i feel wonderful. feelings some only experience in dreams, you are a dream into reality bending my reality into a dream...

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