Thursday, November 19, 2009

for "Precious" girls everywhere

i saw the movie "precious" this weekend with my cousins and i was totally blown away. the story itself speaks volumes but i cant remember the last time i saw or even heard of a life story that real. truth is life is not always filled with happy moments and smiles. for some it never stops raining and those are the stories i feel we need to hear of. keeping the perspective that no matter the situation, you always have to "push" forward. i related to her in more ways then one, not everything but there are some situations that brought back some unwanted memories for me. but i took her story and how she dealt and it helps me deal with my issues and with the demons that found me at an early age. healing is a long process, for anyone. everyday i grow and i heal. and everyday i love and protect my children more then the day before to ensure those demons that found me NEVER find my babies. but thru the course of the movie i saw how she took the abuse, the self hatred, the loneliness, and yes her ignorance and pushed forward. it gives me hope that no matter the situation, the past, or the lack of whatever presence you need and deserve in your life, you can and will overcome and move past. i saw her go from wanting and wishing death upon herself to hopeful thoughts of a positive future and a real joy of living. her life was simple yet it was hers and she was determined to make the rest of her life better then her childhood. i could go more in depth and get real deep but im just gonna leave it at that, have a drink, say some prayers for the "precious" girls everywhere, try to enjoy the rest of the night before memories of lives past weigh my heart heavy. love your girls and your boys and protect them from any and all evil...those seen and unseen. peace and blessings

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