Wednesday, November 4, 2009

me and the pheonix

when i was 16 i got this rose on my hip. i thought i was sooo sexy that couldnt no one tell me nothing. and also being where it was placed of course my boyfriends loved it. well that was over 10 years ago and what seems like a lifetime away from the woman i am now. many things have happened in my life before and after that tattoo appeared but the one thing that stands out more then anything else is that i am not the person i was when i got it. lightyears away from her. mature and reasonable, patient and understanding, educated and fearless, but most importantly APOLOGETICALLY ORIGINAL. i have overcome many things...some only a few know but im stronger because of it. a few days after i got my Phoenix, i catch it looking at me. looking straight thru me and i was looking back. seemed to almost move and flap its wings. i was transfixed in the gaze of such a beautiful animal, but while i was staring into my Phoenix's eye i started to cry. that has never happened before but i was crying real tears. not tears of sadness but of knowng where youve been and knowing that from this moment on things will be different. things will be greater and you will find happiness within yourself. thru my tears the Phoenix spoke to me. spoke to my spirit and spirit understood everything clearly. spoke all the answers i did not have and because of it i vibrate higher...i vibrate higher

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