Sunday, January 10, 2010

the love of my life (1/2)

i woke up before my kids this morning (sunday thing no matter how exhausted i am i always do it on sundays)...but today is son Bryce is 5years old im sitting up in bed planning his day as i watch him boo growing up before my eyes...hes such a beautiful spirit and a loving a child...i watch how he takes care of his 2year old sister...almost like he her daddy... but its cute to see him look out for her...or how he eyeballs any man he may see noticing me when we out in little man taking care of his family the best way he knows bout to wake them up so we can get ready to hit these, dave and busters, grannys for cupcakes and ice cream, and home for a movie and more junk in my bed...gonna be another long one...hopefully he will tap out before we get home but knowing my kids they can pull an all nighter easy lol...happy birthday my love...

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