Tuesday, July 6, 2010


how many of us have them? funny question but a sad one as well. yesterday a homeboy asked me if i had any friends during a convo and i honestly couldnt think of any. im solo dolo. the few people i had called my friends i cant really say that anymore i guess. so much space in such a short period of time has grown between us. its funny how a misunderstanding can expose someone inner being. im no angel myself but iam someone who never forgets. and once ive been wronged or hurt, its not easy for me to turn around and act like nothing ever happen. like i said i can forgive but i cant forget. i wont make you relive it cuz i dont want to live the pain but dont be surprised if our interaction is different from that point on. with that said i must admitt i do miss some of the things we used to do together but i honestly feel that chapter of my life is over. even if the memories there are some really good ones, its time to move on......with or without you

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  1. Knowing what I know now, there is nothing inside of me that longs to continue friendships with anyone who takes my loyalty for granted.

    F*ck that.

    I keep it moving.