Monday, August 3, 2009

and now im better

before you guys i didnt know who i was. i was mean and selfish. ugly and cruel. only selectively showing my sweetness and kindness to those whom i deemed worthy. i closed myself off to the world. i was a bitch. short and simple. i didnt see much in the world i wanted or liked. but then you came along and a few years later your sister joined us and i have never felt more alive and loved and happy in my whole life. you guys filled a place in my heart that no one and nothing could. bryce you gave me purpose. before you i didnt really have a reason to get my shit together so i existed not lived. you boo made me see the goodness in everyone which allowed me to let my guard down just enough to move us forward in positive directions. along with the will and drive to stand on my own. bailey you gave me the strength to hold down my family and my business. beta you turned me into a role model, not just for you and boo but for anyone whos watching me. the things i went thru i knew i didnt want either of you to experience or feel. let alone be a victim of circumstance and feel as though you are a failure to the world, your family, or yourself. everything i do is for the two of you. you guys are always on my mind and when i see yall smile it makes everything life has ever done to me or put me thru worth it. i could never imagine or dream of a life i could live without my babies in it. i thank God for yall, who knows how i would have turned out if He had not blessed me with yall. when you were born bryce i became a mother, nurturing and understanding. when you were born bailey, i became a woman, strong, responsible, and respectable. i love you two forever and always, forever and always. i just pray i can continue to make yall smile and let you guys know just how much yall mean to me. bryce i love to see you write your name and bailey i love to see you assert yourself, my little diva. bryce allen and bailey nichole, you two are my loves and my life, and because of yall i know im better.

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