Tuesday, August 11, 2009

staying focused

these last two weeks have been re-donk-cue-les. i was very unhappy with certain situations that have found their way into my circle. my spirit was very low and she was unhappy. but then a friend of mine reminded me of my goal and to always work toward it. as simple as it was, i had forgotten. you never let someone steal your joy or distract your focus. or let a negative situation or circumstance keep you from your destiny. its extremely hard to stay focused to reach an attainable goal and i think thats what got me. when you are on the path that God has for, YOUR path, everything that could possibly keep you from it will try to find a way into your life. you just have to be strong and not get distracted by it. sometimes thats the difference between failure and success. nothing worth having is ever easily gained. so i jumped back into my focus and got my shit back on track. killed two back to back photo shoots and ive been blessed to have two more in the works on top of my regular work load. so what can i say, my spirit has been uplifted. and of course when i look back on the past recent events, it wasnt anything i havent dealt with before in the past, so why did it get to me in the first place? probably because im actually working towards my own goals and an artist is always sensitive about their own work. all in all i welcome the hard and trying times because its only gonna make my success that much sweeter.

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