Wednesday, June 3, 2009

how to: love me (the men's edition)

im not someone who can be easily loved. sounds crazy? its true, im not. mainly because when i love, there are no words to describe it. for me or for him. but when it happens, something changes. inside me. i become better. i become real and weird things happen. i open up and he sees bridgette for the first time. i touch and allow myself to be touched. i take interest, and i mean a real concern, in every aspect of his life. because it makes him happy, i get joy in his happiness. im no longer tough and argumentive always proving my point by getting the last word. i dont rush around and occupy my time with things that can be handled at a later date. i dont take everything he says or does at face value silently waiting for the bottom of our situation to fall out. i take my time with him and love him. do my best to fulfill his dreams, wishes, and desires. i listen and be his friend as well as his lover. i feel his highs and lows. let him have a bad day without complicating his mind or feelings because sometimes you just need to live through it without someone on your ass about it. some things you gotta work out by yourself. i give and respect that need of space. i share not just my life but my world with him. giving him access to every part of me. every single little thing that makes bridgette bridgette, hes able to see. my mind, in all of its complexities, he is given the privilege to desyfer and understand. he is given the right to my body. to respect, cherise, nurture, and yes.....explore her. my spirit and soul are allowed to intertwine with his and everything else that dwells within that mans being. i see both sides to every situation and issue, not letting my love cloud my judgement, but by allowing it to direct my man to the right path. i lead when im needed, never belittling or taking away from his manhood. and follow eagerly letting him know hes needed in my life because i dont know everything about everything. and because as strong as i am, i cant do everything by myself. somethings are better with two. the role i play is a complicated one. but when i love, i play it so well that youd swear ive been in love my whole life because it comes that natural to me. when im in love. for a man to reep these benifits and much, much more, he has to be able to do all the same. which for most men is hard. i do everything in my life with a purpose. i put out positive to recieve positive. i would never do anything to someone that i didnt expect in return. good or bad. i try to be aware of everyones feelings, not just my own. which is why i love this way. i need to be loved the same. problem is...most men dont understand my logic so they end up missing their blessing in me. which most often, is just that......ME

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