Sunday, June 21, 2009

so ive been running nonstop now for a couple of months. sleep never came easy but now its almost a memory. unless im standing still and then i fall over snoring. yes woman snore. im more of a heavy breather but its still a form of snoring to me. ive been so busy lately that i havent had a lot of chill time with my folks. they dont understand it. my plan. i was at a show last year and i met a hairstylist who had been in the industry for over 50 years. now i love what i do but i dont want to be standing behind the chair for 50 years. thats a long time and im surprised she didnt get burned out. she obviously loves what she does. i do too but that conversation made me realize that it was time for me to start branching out. i had some what limited myself to the salon. just me and my clients. tuesday thru saturday work all day and all night. get off saturday and sit at my folks house with the kids then go home. sunday be in church all day ( i sang in the choir too) and then go home. monday run my errands and clean my house. tuesday start the cycle all over again. that was my life. and it was becoming boring. i hadnt lived up to my professional potential. at least thats how i was begining to feel. i had so many ideas and dreams i wanted to fulfill but they were locked in my mind. so i started to think outside the box. i started studying more and practicing more. i tried new things. i joined a styling team which allowed me to meet other stylists and learn from them. i traveled more, all over the country, which showed me different styling techniques outside of my own. i networked and came out of my shell. got involved with doing makeup and learning more about new fashion trends (not just the stuff i liked but the stuff the world liked) and it made me see my job and my life with new eyes. all those ideas and dreams that were locked down are no longer trapped and collecting dust. everyday new doors open for me and wonderful opportunities present themselves and im falling in love with my industry all over again. everyday i see myself growing professionally and all my ideas and dreams are slowly changing.....into my reality. and i love it! so yeah im on my tunnel vision. i got things im getting done and im setting up and im busy professionally but its all with the bigger picture in mind. even if no one else sees it, they will one day. just as clear as i do now.

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