Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the last dragon

have you ever seen something that was sooo pleasing to your eyes that it made you feel like they were just blessed? i saw something that was so beautiful to me it shocked me. you can find beauty anywhere and in any thing, but this was something that i dont usually find beautiful. nice, cool, but never beautiful. it wasnt like i even stared at it for hours on hours, it was all of maybe a minute. you know when something catches your eye and then you move around? yeah like that. but when my eyes saw it, i heard a song in my head. ever see that movie the last dragon? at the end when leroy finds his strength and understands his power he starts to glow and then you hear "you are the last the dragon, you posses the power....." well thats what i heard and get this. the thing almost glowed to me. i know, too many movies and too many drinks. but hey, thats me.....

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