Tuesday, June 2, 2009

you're real

i have my krystal. she was able to make it out and we spent the weekend with our family. the time i enjoyed the most was when she came to the salon and we had our alone time if you would. i looked at her and she was 4 years old again and i was her big sister. eager to show her anything and take care of her not matter what happened. when we were little i would spend the summers in kansas with my dad and other relatives. i remember getting off the plane and there she would be, excitement jumping off her little body. she would squeeze me sooo tight when she hugged it always amazed me. i could not only see her love for me but i felt it. when i first saw after all those years, that same feeling i used to get when i got the plane came right back. and hugged her just as tight, just as long, and countless times. remember the movie the color purple? when celie and her sister were reunited after like 50 years or something? yeah, it was like that for me. only better. real. its funny because everytime she got me alone, she hugged me. just like when she was little. she always did that. hug me for no reason and it always made my heart smile. she is just like i remember in some many ways yet i see the woman she is becoming. our family kept telling me how much she was like me. even my friends and co-workers saw it when she was here. when i look at her, it amazes me how much we have in common. body language, certain pharses when we speak, and even how we handle people at times. all those years apart with not physical contact or any form of communication, and my little sister whos face shares some of my characteristics, is just like me. amazing. she said to me "youre real" many times when she looked at me. almost like i had stepped out of a dream and was now in her reality. yes, im real and her dreams are now over because her reality from this point on will forever include me. forever......

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