Wednesday, May 27, 2009

you cant just like it, you gotta love it

i LOVE what i do. people dont understand it. whenever i meet someone who tells me they want to get into the hair business, im like great. its fun, exciting, no two days are ever the same, but i always finish with-DO YOU LOVE IT? this is not something you can do and be successful at if you dont love it. ive always done hair. always. when i was in fifth grade my mom cut my hair off like halle berry in boomerang. she was like here now you can do your own hair. i was like cool. when i was little all my dolls hair was either cut up or greased down in some sort of style. i would take all the shampoo bottles out the bathroom and shampoo my dolls hair. them girls would be clean, ya hear me? hell after using the whole bottle on one barbie they ought to be. and of course my moms would fuss like crazy but thats just an example of the passion i have for this. i remember getting my hair done when i was in elementary school once. i sat in the salon and watched all the stylists. watched their different styles and techniques. i was in heaven. then one of the stylists took her cape and placed it around her clients neck. i watched as the cape floated down gently on the client and it seemed to be falling in slow motion to me. i was mesmerized by it. i said to myself, self we gotta do that. that shit was too cool for school. but after that i was all over the hair stuff. family, friends, friends of family, nobody was safe as long as they were sitting still. once i graduated high school and went to cosmetology school, thats when i knew this was for me. it was me. i cant tell you how excited i got just learning the ins and outs and different platforms of my craft. shit i still get excited. because i LOVE it. all the hard work, long crazy hours (especially during the holidays), traveling, meeting new people, working for myself, etc..... man i love it. all of it. but it is hard work. you have to pay your dues in this game and thats something you never really stop doing because its always changing. and you gotta be up on it. thats the beauty in it. it keeps you on your toes if youre willing to be serious about it. the possibilities where this industry can take and lead you endless. only thing cant just like it, YOU GOTTA LOVE IT

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  1. And you are really, really, really good at what you do!!!!