Sunday, May 17, 2009

when do you stop loving?

when does your heart come to the conclusion that its all loved out? do you wake up one day and say "okay i think thats enough." or "the meter has reached its limit." i dont think thats how it works at all. not love at least. there are so many different types of loving and with each comes its own degree. recently some people from my past have expressed to me their love. each i understand loves me in their own different way. one i feel is a mutual respect and understanding of how there will always be that one special place in their heart that only i can live in. the other is more on the first ever in my life kinda feel. not the virgin first but the first ever major event in my life and you were the one i shared it with feel. i learned a lot from these men and i do love them both. we dont always agree but i will always and forever have love for them and hold all of our special moments in my heart. im still cool with all my exs unless the communication line gets destroyed. but for the most part if we lose contact its all good in the hood when we do run back into each other. so even though i have those moments when im ready to go for blood in the back of mind theres still love. when you truely love someone it never stops. no matter what kind of love it is or what degree of it. if its LOVE, it never ends. it can change, it can decrease and increase in intensity but it will never end. even after youre dead and gone it will still be there living in the universe carring on your legacy.

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