Friday, May 15, 2009

body image

growing up in the south i was always surrounded by curvy girls and woman for as far back as i can remember. i was forever the skinny twig. no titties. no hips. no thighs. i got a tattoo once and when the guy started to draw on my leg the bastard told me i needed to eat a couple of hamburgers. bastard, and that was when i was in college. growing up thick was the shit and i wasn't it. however...look how the tables have turned. i'm a grown woman. no longer a girl. grown woman weight on. hips curved just enough. thighs fixed to my small frame. and the booty or donk as everyone seems to point out these days turns more heads then a lil bit. good things really do come to those who wait. my body image is just that. my body. no matter how thin or how curvy i like everyone else should love it. i love it now but i do wish i would have loved it then. then i would have known that all those curvy teens would turn into spongebobs after the first baby. i popped out two beautiful angels and i'm still rockin that thang

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