Friday, May 15, 2009

cant sleep..the usual for me. anyone who knows me will tell you thats how i run. stayed home from work today because of a sinus infection and slept for a good part of it. did manage to wake up in time to watch "the game" i love that show. LOVE derwin and malik. watch out're on my radar. i never really sleep though. i hate sleeping alone. no i'm not a slut puppy and sleeping alone doesn't involve sex when i say it. but for me having someone to sleep next to makes me sleep. crazy? who knows but it's how i work. the last time i got a steady night's sleep was when i was with my daughters dad and that was like almost 2 years ago. sad i know but it's the price i pay for not being a slut puppy and for not bringing dudes to my house. i need my private time and space...feel me. most of my sleepless nights i watch boomerang. love that movie. see alot of myself in robin givens character in the movie. boss. nough said on that one. if im not watchin that then i stare at the walls and just think. mostly random thoughts but a lot of soul searching too. probably why i know myself soo well now. i actually get a chance to have my me time and reflect on all the things that happened thus far. maybe my sleeplessness does pay off after all.

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