Monday, May 18, 2009


i dont even know you...dont know your name. dont know where you live. dont know the basics like age or if youre even free to explore my possibilities. you are a mystery to me. but i cant shake you. you live in my dreams where you never leave. you walk around my mind all day sooo much im tired of seeing you. but i see you. everyday like its the first time. my body yurns for you. but i dont even know you. a chance meeting left your cologne in my nose. that must be how your soul met mine. sailed on your scent and entranced my spirit telling my soul you were special. making me want you. making me see you. making me feel you. my body yurns for you. but i dont even know you. find me and free me. turn me loose so i can love another. just one taste is all my soul needs. its always the unknown that drives us mad. however i feel i will always hunger for you. why me? why me? have i cursed you too. surely i am not suffering alone. my soul crys silently. will your soul find it and dry these tears? my body yurns for you. but i dont even know you.

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  1. Damn, Baby Girl. It looks like love is all over you French Fry. You have experienced love up, down, and around. Love is love, and have we really ever experienced that through life except for family and kids. We say we love now but what is love really? When a year from now you might say "Ooh,I couldn't stand him or Ooh what is wrong with him. Is that really love or a temporary emotion? Is that yearning you feel in the pit of your stomach your body aching for that person you don't even know. How do you handle it? How do you quench that thirst? How did that even get started? We all should be careful of that fleshly desire. How do we get that mystery out of your mind that has taken your heart...your soul? Do you eat a piece of fruit or do you play with your toy. Which will quench that thirst you have for that boy? I feel little french fry is a dangerous game not to be toyed with but cherished and treasured or they all end up the same. Love is....LOVE!
    From, The Sage