Friday, May 15, 2009

minds gone wild

for many many years people have told me "i'm a different kinda girl." it wasnt until VERY VERY recently that i understood what that truely means. i have experienced many different things in my short life span (i'm only 26) yes just a baby. but my mind has been part of this whole "different" theory. yes i'm the girl who always played with the boys thanks to my older brother. so thats were this whole thing started but im glad and thankful. i LOVE me. i didnt always because i didnt know me. nobody did. i cant be labeled by anyone because i'm not a label. what i am and who i am is far too glorious to be contained or defined. thank God for me because i know i am a blessings to any and everyone i come in contact with. as they are to me. this new sense of realization is just the begining. stay tuned people...

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