Sunday, May 17, 2009

love, sex, money...who wants it?

i dont want it. everybody says they do but when they get it can they deal? nope. they neglect it. love isnt just about flowers and candy and baby youre the best. its deeper then that. love is a slow process that taste sweeter then your tongue could ever handle. because the longer you let love marinate the more potent it will become. if the love i get doesnt make me hunger for more..then i dont want it.

i dont want it. if you cant make me see your soul for what it truely is so i can expose mine you...then lets not even go. i dont believe in wasting time. i get paid for mine so it makes me value others even more. if you can't respect that...then i dont want it.

i dont want it. if i have to sell my soul to obtain it then it was never meant to meet my bank account. for some it can be the root to all evil but for me its just another means to an end. the more money i get the more bills i find in my mail box...i dont want it.
i need it. love not just from those im around on a continual basis like my clients, family, friends, or co-workers but from my kids and self. unconditional. good and bad days included. sex because my soul craves to be turned loose sometimes. the freedom only felt in moments of such passion when the world stops. bodies swirl into one. emotions and feelings become images like those you see on your computers media player. money because it opens the door to new possibilities for my children. i want them to have more then i do at my age. do, see, feel, and experience more then i can ever dream in my lifetime. i want for my family the BEST lifestyle i can provide for them. so as you see individually, nope i dont want it. but put all those pieces together and thats what i need. thats what i need...

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