Wednesday, May 27, 2009

whats it to you?

why must i always defend myself? it seems that no matter what i do theres always someone somewhere with a million questions. its like they dont see outside their box and expect everyone else to be just as blind to the outside world as them. i love people. especially my people. im in the service industry so i have to love people. i deal too closely with them not to, but there are times when it gets to me. most people dont understand others because of the gaps between them. my lifestyle may not fit yours and vice versa but i dont fault or question you for it. do you. im doing me. as far back as i can remember the path i have chosen has not been one with a trail of fans following behind. i have a game plan. you may not see my playbook but its not for your eyes to criticise. i have many things i want to accomplish in my lifetime. i have many projects in the works as we speak. but these are my projects. sit back, relax, and watch how i do this.

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