Thursday, July 30, 2009

just be

why is it so hard to just be? to not want or need. to not care or feel. to just be peacefully living in your own existence. not bothering no one. surrounded by your own thoughts and not those that society or the world tries to force upon you. just you and whatever you think. whatever you make into your reality at that moment. whatever. everyone else thinks they know whats best for you. only you know whats best for you, and most of the time, the best thing for you is you. you when you just be. when you dont try to fit the mold, dont try to make everyone else happy, dont try to live up to some unreasonable standard. dont you see, when you stop trying, thats when you can finally be. just be. i spent many years living in my box. closed off from the world because everytime i tried to be i ended up being something that i wasnt. which in turn left me unfulfilled, mean, and unhappy with myself and the world. then one day i woke my ass up and said enough. who gives a flying fuck what the world thinks of me. all that matters is what i think. i dont want to fit into anybodies mold, i just want to be. i just want to be me. and thats all i want or need. thats all i care about and thats all i feel from that moment. im living and existing and im able to be....whatever whenever and now im finally happy.

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