Thursday, July 16, 2009

the littlest of sisters

youre not my child yet i love you just the same. always wanting to keep you protected from harm. from the world. wanting to live out all your failures and shortcoming so you wont have to bare the pain. so youll always be strong and unbruised. id lock you in my closet everytime danger neared you. id face the devil toe to toe to keep you from his wrath. anything and everything i could possibly do, that would protect you, i would. hands down no questions asked. walk you through the world with my hands covering your eyes whenever negativity tired to cloud your mind. you and me we are one in the same. why would i not shield you from all pain. no matter how old we get or how grown you think you are, you are my brat and ill love you whether youre near or far. but i cant do all these things that i want to for you. what lesson, life offers, will you gain? how strong will you be if i fight all your battles? i cant live your life for you, i can only watch. watch you grow and learn. stumble and fall. pick yourself up and stand tall. deal with every situation while i stand guard beside you. quietly guide you, because no matter what i tell you, some things you have to experience to understand. thats where i hurt. to see your paths end and what you must go through.....and not live it for you. but i will always be there to hold your hand or lend an ear. for you live in my heart and your song forever plays there....

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